Some things people always ask...

What do I need to do before the shoot?


I will send you a 'useful information' sheet with some tips prior to shoot day. I will also call you a week or so before to discuss what you want to get out of the shoot and to build the perfect experience for you and your family.


Where do the photoshoots take place?


I have a studio that I set up in my home in Maidenhead. It is warm and cosy with tea and coffee available for you to relax while I do all the hard work. As a family home there are lots of toys to keep siblings busy if they are not being photographed. I love taking pictures outdoors so a location can be discussed or I am able to come to your home should you wish.


We have booked a Location session but its raining what do I do?


A little bit of rain is usually OK, some of the best images are taken on dull days and a little bit of rain is fine. If it is really raining we can either move into a studio set up or reschedule free of charge.


What area do you cover?


I cover all SL postcodes free of charge, locations out of this area may be subject to a mileage charge.


Why do newborn sessions have to take place within the first three weeks?

Newborn sessions are usually recommended to take place around 12 days old, however, I have managed some up to 6 weeks. The reason for this is because by 12 days old Mum and Baby are both a little more settled than in those first few days and feeding is usually fairly well established. Once babies get older than a couple of weeks old they can take longer to settle and to go to sleep if you want those sleepy images. 

My child is poorly what shall I do?


Please don’t worry - these things happen! Give me a call and we can see what the best course of action will be. If they are ok in themselves then 9 times out of 10 we can still go ahead, I am used to a bit of snot! If we are unable to go ahead then you can reschedule free of charge, however if you need to reschedule a second time then you would need to rebook and repay your deposit.


What happens after the session?


After your photo session I will go through all of your images and digitally enhance as many of them as I can. I will sometimes but not always give you a rough idea of how many I am likely to get during the session. This figure is usually between 20 and 50. Once I have edited them I will upload them to a secure website and send you and email with instructions of how to view images. This link will be live for 30 days for you to decide which images you would like to purchase. After 30 days the link will be removed and there will be a £15 charge to reinstate it. Once you have decided I will upload them in high quality for you to download. Alternatively, you can have them on a disk/USB for an extra charge. If you are purchasing prints or other products I will place the order once full payment is received and I aim to hand deliver all items within 30 days.

Do you offer payment plans?


Yes, payment plans for product purchases are available please contact me for more information.

How long do you keep images for?

I keep all images backed up on a secure hard drive. If you lose them or something happens please do get in touch for me to look to reissue them. Please note this will incur an additional charge.


I am worried my children will misbehave in front of the camera.


This is something nearly every family says to me, please don’t worry, kids will be kids and being a mother myself I am used to it! I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make even the crankiest of children smile and even if they don’t some of the best pictures are of children simply being children, playing, fighting with their siblings and pulling funny faces!

Do you take pictures of older children too?

Absolutely! I take photos of all ages of children and adults - if you are unsure, just ask!


Can I buy a gift voucher?


Absolutely, give me a call to discuss which sort of session is required. Gift Certificates are available for all or part of the cost of a session or can be used against a product purchase.


How do I book?


Please use the contact me sheet, drop me an email: or call on 07999553629. A 50% deposit will be taken at the time of booking to secure your slot.

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